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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Be kind, Keep it simple, Let go is devoted to spreading a positive message, offering our customers quality, unique products, and supporting non-profits dedicated to people, animals, and the planet. With a steadfast commitment, we donate 33% of gross profit from each purchase to a charity of your choice from our curated list. Through our distinctive business model, we aspire to join forces with our customers, amplifying a positive message and contributing to a brighter world.

Our Story

Ryan and Ron have been friends since grade school, sharing a dream that has persisted since the late 1980s. Despite taking different career paths — Ron as a CPA and small business owner, and Ryan in the field of mental health — their friendship and shared vision endured.


As the years passed and they entered their 50s, Ron and Ryan found themselves in a position where income was no longer the primary motivator. It was then that they decided to turn their long-held dream into reality. The world, they observed, was becoming more divided and unpredictable. In response, they wanted to inject a simple, positive message into the narrative.


Their chosen message: "Be kind, keep it simple, let go." It's a message that holds universal appeal, applicable to anyone, regardless of their situation or perspective. This simple yet powerful mantra encapsulates the essence of their vision for a better world.


Beyond spreading positivity, Ron and Ryan designed a unique business model. They offer quality products that carry their uplifting message, "Be kind, keep it simple, let go." However, they didn't stop there. They created a platform that allows customers to make a difference by choosing to donate 33% of the profits from each sale to a charity of their choice from a list curated on their site.


Their hope is that, by spreading this positive message and engaging their customers in charitable contributions, they can collectively make lives a little brighter. The mission extends beyond personal joy; it's about supporting causes that contribute to a better world.


Ryan and Ron invite you to be part of this journey. Together with their customers, they aim to create a ripple effect of kindness, simplicity, and letting go, making the world a better place for everyone.

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